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     Melanholiya               Melanholiya2

    "Melanholiya 1"60x80, 1998                 ;             "Melanholiya 2"60x80,1998                           


      The dried poppy "The dried poppy"50x70, 1996


      The community of the contraries      ;        ;             Unstable shadows

      "The community of the contraries"60x80, 1997            "Unstable shadows"45x55, 1997


      The middle of the summer "The middle of the summer"60x85, 1998 


       Leonardo`s World                       Pomegranate juice

     "Leonardo`s World"60x80, 1998                  "Pomegranate juice"60x80, 1998


      Roses "Roses" 60x80, 1999


       Slow time                Comprehension

     "Slow time" 60x70, 1996                                                "Realization" 60x80, 1998

        Chrysanthemum              green air

       "Chrysanthemum" 60x80, 1999                ;              "Green air" 30x50, 1998


        Glass society       No continuation

       Glass society" 60x80, 1997                      "No continuation" 40x55, 1998


        From apart...jpg "From apart" 45x60, 1998


      Gagaus Madonna             Dogrose

      "Gagaus Madonna" 45x60, 1999        "Dogrose" 50x70, 1997


All the works from the list are held in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, France and Spain.

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